Kill them with kindness

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Kill them with kindness.” Have you tried it? It’s hard.

I mean this in the sense that you should assume people’s positive intent. Rather than start scripting scenarios about the persons and why they did what they did. Have you considered putting a positive spin to the situation? And asking yourself, “What was their intent? Why did they do that?” I know this is something I struggle with. When I get in an argument I always go off and get defensive (I’m like the Phi Phi O’hara of my season.) I get caught up in the argument and trying to defend myself and my point that I don’t slow down and take the other person’s perspective. Needless to say, I don’t kill people with kindness but rather, “Go back to Party City where you belong,” lines.


I recently had an opportunity to sit through a training by  Employers Council on, “Creating a Culture of Kindness.” The trainer, Bridget, was very insightful. She has over 10 years of experience and had great stories to tell about kindness. I particularly enjoyed the one where people show up to her training angry and upset thinking that they don’t have emotions. When in reality, “not having” emotions and being robotic is an emotion.

She challenged us with questions like, what is kindness? And how do we cultivate it professionally and personally? More importantly, that people can burn out on kindness. This was a whole new concept for me, but when you think about it, it happens. The example that was provided was hospice care workers. The whole conversation was very insightful. That day, I went home and “la aplique.” When I talked with my boyfriend I stopped and asked myself, “Where is he coming from? What is he kindly trying to say?” For the most part these internal questions changed the interactions I was having with him that night. The weekend is coming up and my goal is to try it with as many people as possible. Stay tune friends!

Because, kindness does not equate niceness.

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First Post, Whaaa!!

The adventure begins! Hello world! My name is Pedro and I am one of the many people living in Colorado with my boyfriend and our 3 dogs (yes, that’s right, 3). I wanted to start a blog as a way to get out my thoughts and share some of my ideas about the world we live in. I tend to be pretty introverted and I tend to believe that I communicate better over writing, even if I am not the best when it comes to grammar. You see, I was born in Mexico and came to the United States at an early age. English is technically my second language even thought now a days it feels like my first. I assimilated so much, that like many other Latinos, struggle to find the right Spanish word for what I’m thinking in English (Spanglish, duh!)

I love to play video games, especially Nintendo ones. I’m a super nerd because I listen to people talk about games on youtube. I also, recently discovered a dormant passion of mine in literature. I love reading, especially LGBTQ and Latinx books. I guess that adds more to my introversion. Here is the part where I would love to say, “Oh and I love to workout.” Alas, that’s not me but the other guy, my boyfriend. One day I will find the motivation to get back in there and stay consistent with my routine.

In this blog you can expect many things from video games to what I watch on Netflix. Like I said, I mainly want I place to share my thoughts. I hope you stick around and start a conversation with me in the comments.